Lifespan Design: Simple and Inexpensive Changes for a More Comfortable Home

by DM7 Design

When it comes to our homes, we want to feel safe and secure no matter what phase of life we are in. Here are a few simple things you can do to provide a more comfortable environment for yourself or an aging loved one:

  • Be sure to have clear, clutter free pathways throughout your home, remove unnecessary objects that protrude into the walkway space such as table, baskets or lamps. It is especially important to provide an open path of travel to the front and back doors in case an emergency exit is necessary.
  • Put firmer cushions on chairs and sofas. A good reupholster can provide firmer cushioning material for your existing furniture.
  • 50 year old eyes require 1/3 more light than those in their 30’s so add lamps to those dark corners (but keep cords out of the walkway), reduce shadows & glare, employ task lighting, make lighting dimmable so the level can be adjusted for the occupant, and be sure any curtains or draperies are accessible and easy to open – there is nothing better than lots natural light.
  • Be cautious with area rugs, they are a tripping hazard for aging eyes. Removing them is best, but if you do wish to have a few be sure that there is a good non-slip pad underneath and keep the edges out of the main path of travel.
  • Remove items with sharp edges or place where someone can’t fall on them.
  • Put a teak insert on the shower floor to prevent slipping. Works great and looks great too.