5 Tips to Keep You From Leasing the Wrong Retail Space

by DM7 Design

Are you looking for a new location for your business? Here are five tips to keep you on track for finding that perfect retail space:

  1. Assess the location: What kind of visibility does it have to passing traffic, is it easy to find & get to, what type surrounding businesses are there, is there adequate parking, how far will your business be from bus stops or public transportation.
  2. Know how much space you will need to properly run your business: Storage, sales area, display, aisle ways, etc.
  3. Know your utility needs: How much power does your equipment take, do you need special lighting or extra air conditioning, what about sewer, natural gas or water lines.
  4. Verify that the building is in good condition: Does the roof leak or is it in good condition, does the access meet all ADA requirements, will the windows or doors leak when it rains, etc.
  5. Ask for a list of what changes or construction the landlord is willing to do for you if you lease the space.

You want to be sure you are leasing the right space for your business before you commit to hundreds or even thousands of dollars in rent each month. Finding out it doesn’t fit your needs after you have signed on the dotted line is a costly mistake. Always be sure any store location you are considering will work for you before you fall in love with it.

For the complete ‘What to Consider When Hunting for Your Perfect Store Location’ checklist, email consulting@dm7design.com with your name, what type of store you are planning to open, where you are planning to open it (city, state), and what size space you need.