Lifespan Design: Tips for a More Comfortable and Accessible Home

by DM7 Design

Here are a few more design ideas that will improve accessibility in your home for your entire lifespan:

  • Front loading washers and dryers are a good choice especially for those that have difficulty reaching. For even better accessibility for all ages, place them on a raised pedestal – no more bending and stooping.
  • A side-by-side refrigerator with glass shelves is more accessible for everyone – tall or short, seated or standing – and makes it easier to see what is behind or beneath upper and lower shelves.
  • Replace door knobs with lever style handles which do not require one to grip the handle and are easier to use – so easy in fact that you may find that even your cat can now open doors.
  • Replace faucets with knobs to ones with lever style handles as well – lever handles make it easier to turn the water on or off, especially with wet hands.