6 Tips That Make Downsizing Easier

by DM7 Design

1. Assemble your Moving Tool Kit as soon as you have decided to move.

 Labels
 Felt-tip pens – have several and you may even want them in several different colors.
 Sticky notes
 Color coded dots
 Small notepad and pens – again, have several
 Packing tape and dispenser
 Standard & Phillips screw driver or one with interchangeable heads
 Small hammer
 Small scissors
 Box cutter with safety catch
 Retractable measuring tape
 Useful phone numbers

2. Determine how much room you will have in your new space.

 Measure the rooms.
 To do this yourself, you will need:
 A good tape measure.
 Graph paper
 A pen or pencil
 An understanding of how to measure a room
 A block of time and patience
 An assistant to help hold one end of the tape measure.

3. Determine where and how your ‘Keep” items fit into your new space.

 Measure the furniture.
 Complete a furniture placement floor plan.
 Review and possibly edit your “Keep” items to be sure everything has a place.
 For family heirlooms or cherished items, write down the story that goes along with it and place inside or attach to the bottom.

4. Identify obstacles to mobility, accessibility and safety as appropriate.

 Start at the street.
 Are there obstacles to getting into or out of the home.
 Be sure you have clutter free pathways throughout and that doorways are wide enough.
 Ample lighting.
 Lever style door & faucet handles, easy to grasp handles on cabinetry and drawers.

5. Identify storage needs and opportunities.

 Look for places where storage can be added.
 Multipurpose pieces increase functionality.

6. Take time to remember.